• Automated manufacture

    Making vehicles ‘wheelchair-accessible’ is big business for Sussex-based Constables Ltd.

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  • LEMACO avanza a grandes pasos

    LEMACO avanza a grandes pasos

    Gracias a la compra de cuatro sistemas de corte Bystronic, la empresa LEMACO de Santiago de Chile ha pasado de ser un simple fabricante de maquinaria de construcción a ser uno de los principales fabricantes por encargo, aprovechando el boom económico del país.

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  • Awesome speed

    Well OK, Jürgen Hagl had expected his BySprint Fiber to be fast. But in the end what he actually introduced into his company with this investment, the Head of Laser Technology at Hagl GmbH almost finds disconcerting. Whereby speed is just one of this machine’s advantages.

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  • Be more competitive in sheet metalworking by using software

    The right software pays off, because they make a company more productive and profitable.

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